9 Things to Know Before You Get an MRI

Things to Know Before You Get an MRI

MRI or Magnetic resonance Imaging is used to scan your body to see if there is any damage. Your physician will recommend a MRI scan if you have recently hurt your head or have been suffering from seizures or having a problem that is too internal and cannot be diagnosed with x rays. MRI uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to form images of the body so your physician can know what exactly has gone wrong with your body. It is used to find problems relating to cardio vascular diseases, spinal imaging, in oncology and many more things. A MRI scan scared many people, but you do not have to dread a scan if you know a few things before you get it done. Here are a few things about MRI scans that will help you sail through the scan smoothly without any trepidation.

1. Answer your questions properly before you get a scan

Before you get a scan a technician will ask you a lot of questions regarding your health and your body. Answer these questions as truthfully as possible as this will determine if you can be sent under the machine or not.

2. You will have to leave your modesty behind

You should know that MRI scan includes taking off any synthetic material and wearing only cotton. You will be asked o take off your bra and go in wearing your undies and a hospital gown that just doesn’t tie right.

3. No metals are allowed

It is very important that when the technician is questioning you that you tell him or her about any possible metal you may have in your body. This is very important as the MRI machine uses magnetic and radio waves to scan your body and metals will interfere with it.

4. Plug your ears tight

You will be provided with earplugs. If they are too small or too big, ask for another one or make sure you adjust them that your ears are completely covered. The machine makes a lot of noise and this is usual. So close your ears as much as you can.

5. Do not move

A lot of funny and weird noises is natural when you are lying inside the machine. Do not let the noise make you move as the scan won’t be proper if you move.

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