5 Things to Know About the Arrest of a Baby in Pakistan on Charge of Murder

Things to Know About the Arrest of a Baby in Pakistan on Charge of Murder

It was the heights of ridiculous behavior when a nine month old kid in Pakistan was arrested on attempted murder charges. The whole world was shocked and dismayed when pictures of a screaming and wailing baby Musa Khan being fingerprinted emerged and was splashed on newspapers on screens across the world. The case made a mockery of the legal system, the cops and also made a laughing stock of all the cops who were involved in the arrest. It is also saddening to hear that the country has become so blasé about such things that arrests like this can even happen. However sad it is, it’s also important that we know as much as we can about the case. Here are some things to know about the arrest of nine month old baby Musa khan on charges of murder.

1. How it all started

It all started when gas company officials in Pakistan entered a slum area to disconnect lines for nonpayment of dues. In the altercation and melee that followed, five people were arrested and one of the five was baby Musa Khan. The charges against him were attempt to murder, preventing the course of justice and also causing bodily harm to the cops who had come to break up the problem.

2. How the media helped

Baby Musa khan’s only savior in the whole affair proved to be the media, which made sure that all aspects of the arrest and the eventual fingerprinting were covered. They brought it out not only at the national level but the international level so many people knew about it. If not for the newspapers, baby Musa Khan might have just ended up in jail.

3. It is not completely surprising

Kids have been arrested in Pakistan on blasphemy charges and the country has come under fire for this practice previously. Although the arrest of toddlers is a rare occurrence, many in the country were not actually surprised or overtly shocked at the arrest.

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