6 Things to Know About Sister Megan Rice’s Sentencing

Things to Know About Sister Megan Rice's Sentencing

On the 18th of February this year (2014), Sister Megan Rice along with fellow activists Michael R. Walli, 63 years old, and Gregory I. Boertje-Obed, 57 years old was sentenced to a prison term of 35 months for unlawfully breaking, entering and spray painting the high secure uranium enrichment facility. Before one discusses the merits of the sentencing, it is important to know the facts about her act and her activism. At 82, she is pretty strong in her anti-nuclear views and does not shy away from even getting arrested or making her views known in public. Here are some things everyone must know about her life, activism and the recent sentencing.

1. She became involved in anti-war movements in the early 80’s.

Sister Megan Rice always was against the injustices meted out to people. This attitude of hers turned her into an anti-war activist and she has been participating in anti-war demonstrations as well has been leading protests against American military action, military sites and nuclear installations.

2. Sister Rice has already been arrested over three dozen times for her acts of civil disobedience and anti-nuclear activities

Sister Rice is not new to prison sentencing. She has been arrested many times before for her acts of disobedience and for her anti-nuclear activism.

3. She has also served two prison sentences for earlier offences

As part of her anti-nuclear activism, she was a staff member of Nevada Desert Experience in Las Vegas at the Nevada Test Site and protests against the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. She has served two six-month prison sentences because of the acts of trespassing during protests against the School of the Americas in 1997-99.

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