8 Things to Know About Permissive Parenting Style

Things to Know About Permissive Parenting Style

Different parents have different parenting styles. There is never a rule as to how you should bring up your kid. A lot of research has gone into parenting styles and the behavioral pattern of kids. Development Psychologist Diana Baumrind conducted a research in pre-school children and came up with the theory of three parenting styles. Sometimes a fourth is added too. Of the four parenting styles, one is the permissive parenting style. Permissive parenting is sometimes known as indulgent parenting as parents who exhibit this style make fewer demands upon their children. Because these parents believe in and have low expectations for self-control and maturity, they very rarely discipline their children. Here are some things that you should know about permissive parenting style.

1. The parents who follow this style are more responsive than demanding

Permissive parents “are more responsive than they are demanding. They are quite the nontraditional types and are very lenient. They let kids be and do not expect mature behavior. They also allow considerable self-regulation, and avoid confrontation with their kids as much as possible.

2. They have few rules or standards of behavior

They very rarely lay down rules for their kids and do not set any standards for the kids to follow or achieve. Kids are often let to grow and learn by themselves than taught how they should be and behave.

3. When there are rules, they are often very inconsistent

Even if they are rules, surprisingly, the rules are not written in stone and may change from time to time depending on the reaction of the kid.

4. Are usually very nurturing and loving towards their kids

They break down the traditional image of the strict parent and are usually very nurturing and loving towards their kids.

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