6 Things to Know About Flu Mist

Things to Know About Flu Mist

Every year millions of people suffer from the Flu and it is painful to get a Vaccine shot, especially kids who run a mile on seeing the needle. Flu Mist however is the same Vaccine in the nasal form. Instead of getting injected all you need to do is spray it on your nose. A traditional Flu shot is made from Viruses that have been killed, while Flu Mist is made from weakened viruses. When weakened viruses are introduced to the body, the body starts fighting against them and produces more antibodies to prevent the Flu from taking over the body. Since it is not known for sure which one of it is more effective, scientists are working on finding out if the Flu Mist is better than the traditional Flu shot as a Vaccine. Kids and adults would love to stay away from getting injected given a chance. Here are some more things you need to know about the Flu Mist.

1. Flu Mist works different from the traditional Flu Vaccine

Flu Mist and the Flu shot stimulate a different immune response in the body. Flu Mist produces Flu fighting antibodies in both the nose and the blood while the flu shot produces these anti-bodies only in the blood. Since the flu virus mostly enters the body through the nose, it is a great idea that the Vaccine enters the body through the nose too.

2. Administration of Flu Mist

The Flu Mist is sprayed into the nose using a needle less syringe. Also the Flu Mist vaccine takes a few weeks to produce the anti-bodies, so it is advisable to take the nasal spray anywhere between mid-September and November for it to be effective.

3. Who can be given Flu Mist?

Flu Mist has been approved by the FDA and can be taken by kids as well as adults. It can be given to kids as young as 2 and adults till 49. Pregnant women should not be given the Flu Mist. While adults need one dose every year, children from 2-9 who are getting their influenza shots need another dose of the vaccine after four weeks. Although one dose does not produce enough anti-bodies for the first few years, later on they can do with just one shot.

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