7 Things to Know About Commitment Phobia

Things to Know About Commitment Phobia

Commitment phobia is the fear of entering into any kind of commitment, primarily as far as a romantic relationship is concerned. But commitment towards career, family, friends or even any job or responsibility also come under the purview of this kind of phobia. Commitment phobia itself stems from the fear of failure. One imagines how bad things would become in case one fails and therefore decides not to enter into a commitment at all, thereby becoming commitment phobic. But if there are problems, there are solutions as well. And like every other phobia, this is also treatable and curable. But for being able to deal with a problem like commitment phobia, one must know what it is, how to identify it and what steps to take in order to avoid becoming malignantly paranoid. Listed here are the top 7 things to know about commitment phobia.

1. While commitment phobia is not limited to being a malady in case of romantic relationships only, it can affect your everyday decision making along with your relationships with your family, friends and other acquaintances.

2. Commitment phobia or fear of commitment has other categories and types. Fear of falling in love is called ‘Philophobia’; phobia of failure is called ‘Kakorraphiobphobia’; and the phobia of marriage is called ‘Gamophobia’.

3. The cause of commitment phobia in a particular person may be quite challenging to find out. It mainly stems from a bad experience involving a relationship. One bad relationship sets the defense mechanism in motion and the person is unable to trust anybody again. But even so, he/she does not refrain from finding love or getting emotionally intimate with somebody again. But the past experience of a failed relationship brings back memories which eventually lead to anxiety and fear of another failed relationship, and thus follows commitment phobia.

4. Apart from love, a romantic relationship also involves trust, respect, loyalty and compromise, among other things. Commitment phobia takes over a person with a failed relationship in the past or a bad experience in his/her love life because he/she is unable to cope with the expectations in such a relationship.

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