6 Things to Know about a Sagittarius Man

6 Things to Know about a Sagittarius Man

So you have met a Sagittarian, you are a little interested in him and want to know if you can start getting serious? Are you wondering if he is the same as you or if you should be bracing yourself for any sudden shocks that he might give you? Well wonder no more, here are a few things about a Sagittarian that will help you deal with him more easily. A Sagittarian is someone born November 22 and December 21. Men born under this sun sign share some of these typical characteristics.

1. Honest and straightforward

One thing that you will never have to worry about when you are with a Sagittarius man is that he is never going to lie to you. He just cannot lie and is going to tell you whatever is in his mind. But it may also backfire sometimes as he will sometimes tell you things that you would not want to hear.

2. Happy

If you can describe him in a word, then the right word would be happy. Not only is he happy most of the times, but he also expects people around him to be happy as well. If you are down and depressed, you are sure to find him trying out different ways and tactics to make you happy once again.

3. Animal lover

Be ready to share his love and affection with animals. It is either his pets and if he doesn’t have a pet, he will showcase his love for animals in some way or the other. He would either visit a shelter or go on an expedition to see animals in their natural habitat. He is a complete animal lover at heart.

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