7 Things to Expect in Your 40s

7 Things to Expect in Your 40s

Okay, you are forty now! What are you expecting out of life? Wrinkles, menopause or lost fun? Apart from these things there are many other things to expect in your 40s. Read on to know more.

1. Body changes

After the age of forty, the estrogen level in your body gets low. Because of which, you might experience joint and muscle pains in the body. After the age of forty five, you might experience perimenopause – the stage where you begin to experience symptoms of menopause. During menopause, your periods will stop completely and your ovaries will also stop producing estrogen. Expect lots of hormonal changes in the body during this phase.

2. Diet changes

As your body goes through many changes, it is important to have a healthy diet to maintain your fitness level. Increase your calcium and protein intake, as it will help to regulate loss of calcium in the body after the age of forty. Breast screening and other health tests are mandatory after the age of forty.

3. Physical fitness

As you grow older, so does your body. You get tired faster and you cannot do as much exercise as you could in your 20s and 30s. Be patient with this. Try and maintain an exercise routine both before and during menopause. Also remember, the level of fitness you maintain in your 40s will affect your health in future years.

4. Stress and depression

Because of onset of menopause, you might experience extreme mood swings and stress. Menopause causes stress and depression, so it can also make you feel lonely. Make efforts to stay cheerful at this stage. Self-help books and meditation can help to deal with stress at this age.

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