5 Things to Do to Make Your Husband a Good Father

5 Things to Do to Make Your Husband a Good Father

When you have a great husband, it is only natural for you to expect or predict that he’d become a great father too. However, when your first baby enters the family, you become extremely over-protective, so much to the extent that you start feeling as if your husband doesn’t know how to raise your kids. This is a completely natural and understandable behavior. It’s not that you start hating your husband or anything; but your over-protective and over-possessive qualities as a mother make you believe that only you know the best for your child, and that your method of parenting is what will do good.

In such cases, your husband might either become under confident in terms of handling the child, or may subconsciously distance himself from the baby thinking that he is not meant for it. Before this happens and it leads to arguments or fights, or causes your husband to feel sad and upset, make sure that you create a good atmosphere at home where he can come across as a great father. Create opportunities for him to become a good father, and always be there by his side to support what he does. Here are some things that you can do to make your husband a good father.

1. Give him chances

Yes, he’s not born with the ability of changing diapers quickly, and will end up messing the baby food mixture the first few times. But let’s admit the fact that even women mess up doing such things the first few times even if they get a hold of them quickly. The best way to handle this is to keep giving chances to your husband so that he can learn from his own experience. It’s his baby too, so he will never do something that will harm the child. But you’ve got to trust him and give him chances to devise his own methods of dealing with things and becoming a good parent.

2. Involve him more

If there are situations in which you feel that you are the one with more knowledge and experience, then involve your husband to be a part of the exercise and learn things from you, rather than acting all independent and saying that you will do it by yourself. Yes, you can do it all by yourself, and probably faster too if you do it that way. But you’ve got to involve him in the process and let him learn something and feel happy that he too is contributing to the upbringing of his child.

3. Make your children think of him as a good father

If you disapprove of something that he is teaching the kids or telling them, then make sure that you address the issue later on, and not in front of the kids. That way, the kids do not lose their respect for their father, and think of him as a great daddy. And in cases when he is genuinely doing something right, praise him as a good father in front of the kids, so that they can feel happy about it. You’ve got to set the right image of him in front of your kids, so that the harmony in the house is maintained.

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