6 Things to Do to Look Sexy on Your Date

Things to Do to Look Sexy on Your Date

Who doesn’t want to look good on a date? However, looking sexy is a different ball game altogether. We give you some ways in which you can look sexy on your date and make him feel weak in the knees!

1. Get the right lingerie

You will feel sexy if you wear some sexy lingerie. Go for whatever makes you feel charming and attractive. Remember to wear the right bra. You can seek expert help here since most women fail to understand what size bra they should actually wear. Even though the guy may not end up seeing what you are wearing, but wearing something that makes you feel fabulous will surely reflect on your overall behavior.

2. Wear the right dress

Your choice of dress will largely affect your overall look. So, if you are going for a sexy look, then you must wear a dress that reflects that. Know your body type and try to figure out which fabric and cut will properly enhance your best features. Also, go for something that would take the attention off from your problem areas. In most cases, a little black or red dress can do the trick. Feel free to experiment with colors and fits!

3. Get the makeup right

The kind of makeup that you put on will add greatly to how your dress looks. Keep in mind the time and venue of the date and use the appropriate makeup. Get a manicure done and wear a nice nail paint. Also, go for a pedicure and try for sexy footwear. Whatever you do, just do not be too generous with the makeup.

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