5 Things to Do Before You Renovate Your House

5 Things to Do Before You Renovate Your House

Renovating your house is one thing that comes to mind only when you are truly in love with your home sweet home. It is not that you may wish to renovate the house just because it looks too old off late. It is because you want to make it a much better place. And renovating a house doesn’t always mean spending a huge sum to change the face of your house. It can also mean making a few changes here and there and sticking to a feasible budget. The ultimate end is to beautify your place.

Before you renovate your house, you have to do a few things. Following them would not only help you to keep a check on the budget but also keep some memories of the past in your renovated house intact. Check out these 5 things to do before you renovate your house.

1. Set a budget

Months before you start the renovation, sit with your partner or family members and talk about the idea of renovation. Take a call only after getting their opinion. Ask them if they would be interested in making some financial contribution towards the renovation. Accordingly, set your budget. If you are the only person paying for the renovation, you may plan accordingly. But if you have your partner or another family member contributing towards the renovation, you can set a higher budget and make some better changes in the house.

2. Plan the period

Apart from the financial aspect, a renovation also means more amount of physical work, supervision and running for things every now and then. For that, you would need some help from your family. Ask them if they are ready for the same. If your partner, for instance, has a business tour in the near future, postpone your plan for some time later. But if there is a pregnant woman in the house or you yourself are pregnant, you need to renovate the house well before the due date. This is because once the baby is born, you won’t get the time to child proof the house. Also, set the time limit for the renovation, say a month or two. Normally, renovations do extend by 15-30 days. So, setting a limit may give you the buffer time to restore normalcy in the house.

3. Throw away the clutter

Before you renovate your house, throw away all those things that have been piling up in the house since a long time for no reason. This could include anything from broken crockery, flyers, old newspapers and magazines, old furniture, to all those things that you have put in the attic. If you think that things, which are of no use to you, could be of use to someone else, give them to orphanages or other charitable institutions. If you wish to sell them, set up a garage sale at your place.

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