6 Things to Consider Before You Choose a Surrogate Mother

Things to Consider Before You Choose a Surrogate Mother

Having kids is a blessing and not many people are blessed enough to have kids on their own the natural way. Even with the many advances in medicine field, having a baby remains a dream and hope for many. This feeling of helplessness can be rectified to a level with surrogacy. Surrogacy is when another woman chooses to carry your egg and your partner’s sperm and give birth to your baby. As simple as it sounds, it isn’t really easy and there are a lot of legal and moral questions that are raised before you go down the path. Having a surrogate mother to bear your child can be financially and emotionally draining and there are a lot of things you need to consider before you choose a surrogate mother. Here are some important things you will have to consider before you choose a surrogate mother.

1. Check to see if you are qualified to get a surrogate mother

One of the important reasons surrogacy is legal is that it helps women to have children when they can’t do so themselves. You cannot opt for surrogacy if you are worried about your figure or if you cannot fit in pregnancy into your busy work schedule. You can only have a surrogate mother if you are medically unable to have a kid and a physician should certify this. Emotional and psychological issues too come under medical reasons, so you need to check with your physician before you go ahead.

2. Do a detailed background check on the agency

There are a lot of agencies that advertise this procedure but you have to be really careful about the agency that you choose. You have to do a thorough check on their license to practice and also their history. This is important so you do not get swindled or get into legal problems along the way.

3. Know about the surrogate mother you are going to end up with

The surrogate mother is going to be an important part of your life throughout the pregnancy and even after and it is really important that you get to know about her as much as possible. She should not only be physically fit to carry on with the pregnancy but also emotionally strong. Also make sure that she can have the baby and give it to you without any complications to her or you.

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