10 Things that You Must not Share With Your Coworker

10 Things that You Must not Share With Your Coworker

A workplace is a mix of different kinds of people from different backgrounds. As our workplace is where we spend most of our waking hours, it is of extreme importance that you watch what you speak when, where and how. There are certain sensitive issues that may mar your reputation at work if they’re out in thin air. So tread carefully and read these pointers to know where you need to zip it up.

1. Revealing all your personal details

Sometimes we tend to get friendly very fast and pour out all our heartfelt confidences, right from marital problems (if married), date issues and other personal stuff which doesn’t really match in the workplace. This might make us the butt of jokes, or cause people to laugh behind our backs. It is better to keep the conversations down to generalities. Confidences are meant to be shared between a few good friends only.

2. Voicing out strong religious views

Whether you believe in God or not, whatever your personal faith might be, you should neither express these views nor expect anyone else to conform to your views. This is a very personal issue and we should avoid talking about such things.

3. Expressing harsh views on politics

Everyone has their own viewpoints about which party is better. A soft discussion sometimes is alright, but getting too fanatic about your political candidate and running down someone else’s will not do your standing any good in the office. Keep your passion primed for work.

4. Bragging about achievements

Let your work speak for itself. Dropping names and always bragging about your contracts, about your contacts or the amount you’ve achieved, leaves a bad feeling in the mouth, and creates a feeling of unpleasantness in the workplace. What to you might look like awe might actually be contempt. No one likes a bragger or an egotist.

5. Arousing concerns about your real or imagined illnesses

No one has the time to listen to you if you make it a habit to keep moaning about your various ailments and illnesses the whole time. What is of concern to you might not be as important to the others. Let’s face it, everyone has their own problems. Unless it’s an emergency, or a dire state of affairs, no one is going to be interested in your list of complaints and you might end up being branded as a drama addict.

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