6 Things Single Girls are Tired of Hearing

6 Things Single Girls are Tired of Hearing

To be in a relationship, or to be married or to be single is a personal choice or decision that people make. Very rarely is it out of necessity or lack of opportunities that someone chooses to be single. Yet there is a tendency for people to ask awkward questions or feel that it is their duty to offer unwanted advice when they come across single people, especially single women. Whether it is out of concern, misplaced pity or jealousy, there are some irritating and highly touchy things that people tell single women that they are tired of hearing. Here are some of those things!

1. The very direct, rude straight out question

Why are you still single? This is a question that is sure to raise some heckles and bring on major irritation. It happens especially in parties, weddings and other social gatherings where a well-meaning relative or an older person asks at the top of their voices.

2. Catch the bridal bouquet!!! You are next!

Not every single woman is dying to get hitched and put through the demeaning practice of standing right in front to catch the bridal Bouquet. It is just an assumption on people’s part that someone is single not out of choice but for lack of choice.

3. You put your career first

Like giving priority to one’s education or career is a sin and a greater one at that when it is given more importance than finding a partner. The tone of judgment that accompanies this accusation is something single women are tired of hearing.

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