10 Things Movies Taught Us as Kids Which School Couldn’t

10 Things Movies Taught us as Kids Which School Couldn't

Movies are a part of our life; a very integral one at that. We have been watching them since childhood, and very often find ourselves relating to them. Some stories fascinate us, while some characters become our favorites. In fact, we even refer to movies so many times for various things during our conversations with other people. Needless to say, movies teach us numerous things consciously and subconsciously. In many direct and indirect ways, we get influenced by the films we watch. Here is an interesting list of things that movies taught us as kids, which school couldn’t!

1. Our first kisses – or the idea of it!

We were all amused, excited, curious and what not when we saw the first ever hot and romantic kiss on screen. And before we made our first moves, that kiss kind of played on loop in our head. Movies do teach us a lot about kissing passionately and introduce us to the many kinds of reactions and expressions to expect from the people we are kissing.

2. Some sense of fashion

Our first major purchases of shoes and clothes were always inspired from our favorite celebrity. Young girls also saw ‘The Devil Wears Prada” and wanted the kind of accessories and clothes that Anne Hathaway had in the film. Movies always helped us to look stylish and be in sync with what’s in and what’s not.

3. Mean bosses and funny colleagues

This is like a reality check. We got to know through movies that when we start work, bosses wouldn’t be as appreciative as we thought of them to be, and some of the colleagues we have will be funny and cool. Courtesy, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and many such interesting films! In fact, movies also made us realize that retards too do exist in the form of some of our bestest friends!

4. How to make it big

With all those inspiring stories, whether biopics or fictional, we learnt that people can make it big in life. We learnt that ordinary people coming from ordinary circumstances can achieve great success by a mix of hard work and luck. This is the kind of reality check and motivation that school often fails to provide us with.

5. Argumentation skills

Badass arguments with gangsters or the kind of relationship arguments you hear in films like ‘The Breakup’, all teach us how to be witty and smart. In school, we are often asked to be disciplined and told to not argue. However, movies truly teach us the art of arguing in smart and subtle ways.

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