7 Things Men Want From Women

5. Don’t fake it

Well, if you love him dearly, then don’t fake your love. Men don’t like women who fake being in love. If you feel something, casually tell him on his face. If you tell a lie, that would hurt him more. Don’t fake your emotions or your love. Be as you are and love him the way he is. That will make your relationship stronger with time.

6. Expression of love

Do you express your love often? Well, if you don’t then this can also be a turn off for him. Men expect honest confessions and expressions in love. Express your love in any form but show him that you care for him and he means everything to you in life. He will love you more for this special feeling of yours.

7. Your time

Give him your time even if you are busy in life. Take some time out to spend with him. The quality time that you spend with him would make him feel special. He may not tell you but he would love to be in your company for sure. When you make him your priority in life, he may also feel the same for you.

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