8 Things Every College Girl Should Know

8 Things Every College Girl Should Know

Going away to college can be fun. It is also an important rite of passage for every girl as it teaches you a lot about life. On top of giving you a degree and help you get a job, a college also teaches you a lot of life skills that you can use. It makes you more mature and responsible. You also have to understand that once you are off to college you are going to have a lot more work to do and that you will be responsible for your actions. As much as fun it can be, you should also know a few things when you are in college. Here are a few things every college girl should know.

1. Have fun but do not be known as the party girl as impressions matter

You should definitely have fun when you are in college, but do not be known as the party girl. The first impressions that you make in the campus and with your professors last and it is very important that you have a good name. Impressions can easily affect your grades, so make sure that you are good in the campus.

2. Try not to bunk classes

You will learn a lot more from your lectures than your books at times. Stay in class as much as you can and take notes.

3. Beware of the drunken nights and crazy pictures

It is okay to get drunk once in a while and go crazy but it is definitely not okay to get pictured in compromising positions. College parties can get pretty wild and in this age of social media your pictures can end up everywhere. Go to parties with friends who can take care of you and help you stay away from trouble.

4. Be open to making friends

You may have some very good childhood friends but the friends you make in college are a breed apart. When in college you are making friends who are mature and share many common things with you. These friendships can also last for a lifetime irrespective of distances so be open to making friends.

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