4 Things About the Age Kids should Start Dating

Things About the Age Kids should Start Dating

While dating is not directly related to falling in love, often your “kids” or teenagers/adolescents confuse the two and end up regretting a bad decision. There is no certified or legally approved age at which you should allow your young one to start dating, but there is the parental understanding and knowledge of your kid’s maturity and mental stability while letting them go out on a date. Having said that, you should always keep in mind one very important truth – even if they are your kids or just teenagers, they are also very real persons with real feelings. No matter how ridiculous and preposterous it may sound to you, but they do feel the need to be loved, the desire for affection from someone they like and the other instinctive carnal desires which you would rather never have to think about. They too feel bad upon rejection, they too experience heartbreak and the several other things which you yourself experienced when you were their age. Listed here are the 4 major things you should know about the age kids should start dating.

1. Infatuation

The basic difference between love and infatuation is something which is not only misunderstood but overemphasized to back a parent’s disapproval of their kid’s romantic relationship. Remember that while infatuation is just an obsession or an offshoot of mindless fascination, it is but a very real thing in your kid’s mind. Never jump to conclusions like “all they want is sex” or “it’s just the hormones” because even if you do not like to see your kid being in constant admiration of a potential love interest, in your kid’s mind, he/she is actually in love. Never ridicule your kids’ love, because it will break their heart in worse ways than you can imagine and will do nothing to set them on the “right track.” You should obviously guide them so that they do not suffer academically or in any other way owing to the relationship, but never try to seize control of something that may be brewing between two individuals.

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2. One-to-one dating

No one is ever old enough to be a master of one-to-one dating. A 30-year old man or woman can mess it up as much as an 18-year old can. The dating game, and especially, when there are only two parties involved, is very tricky and involves a lot of understanding, adjustments and communication among many other things. So, you can never know when your kid is ready to date. But what you can do is follow your instinct. As a parent, you would obviously know his/her mental age and state of maturity and thus whether he/she would be able to handle so socially awkward and intellectually demanding an endeavor as one-to-one dating. However, psychologists are of the view that your kid should at least be 16 years old to be eligible because one or two years do make a lot of difference with respect to hormones and life experience.

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