The Secret to Luscious Lips Revealed

The Secret to Luscious Lips Revealed

Soft, smooth and luscious lips not only add an extra element of beauty to your face, but also attracts all the male folks towards you. Plus, they are a sign of a healthy body. They give a sense of individuality and femininity to your looks. Women spend thousands of dollars to beautify their lips. But, many a times, this expense goes to the bins. The good news is, soft and luscious lips don’t necessarily require expensive treatment! Check out these simple ways to get luscious lips, the natural way.

Keep your lips moist and hydrated at all times. The skin around your lips is very delicate. It is more delicate than the skin on any other part of your body. It is because of this, you will often find your lips most prone to developing cracks in winter. Use a good lip balm to moisturize your lips, especially in winter. Apply a moisturizer just before you go to bed, so that you wake up with soft lips in the morning. You can use something as simple as lemon juice with glycerin or almond oil as a moisturizer. When you wake up in the morning, gently brush your lips using a baby toothbrush with extra soft bristles, to get rid of any traces of dry skin.

Fresh coconut milk helps to maintain the color of your lips. Similarly, plain lemon juice can also be applied on your lips to lighten them. Avoid exposure to the sun. If you have to go out in the sun, make sure that you use a lip balm or gloss having an inbuilt SPF 15 or more to protect your lips from the rays of the sun. Yes, you read that right. Just like the way you use a sunscreen lotion for your face, make sure that you use one for your lips as well. You don’t need to use a lipstick all the time. Sometimes, go without it and let your lips breathe. Smoking causes your lips to go black in color. Hence, avoid smoking. When you’re wearing a lip stick, make sure that it is of a reputed brand. Also check for the date of expiry. Treat blackened lips by applying honey over them.

Your diet also affects your lips more than you can imagine. Vitamin deficiency can cause discoloration of your lips and cause them to crack. Hence, make sure that you eat sufficient quantity of fruits and vegetables. Also, drink plenty of water everyday.

These are a few tips how you can protect your lips from damage, and achieve soft and luscious lips over a period of time.

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