The Right Season To Wear Tights

The Right Season To Wear Tights

Tights are the next best thing in the facet of revolutionary clothing after the LBD. They look oh-so-classy, are extremely comfortable and never go out of style. Tights come in different fabrics, patterns, prints and colors. You have fishnet tights, sheer tights, opaque tights, lacy tights, footless tights, animal print tights or our very own classic black tights. Tights hold a very important place in our wardrobe as also in our way of life. They say your choice of tights defines your personality. But how do you know which is the ideal season to wear your favorite piece of clothing – your tights?

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter what season it is. Tights can be worn 365 days of the year. The key is to know which kind of tights to wear during a particular season. Here’s an idea of what tights to wear during which season

Sheer tights are ideal summer clothing

Low denier sheer tights mimic the color of your skin and go well during warm weather conditions. Sheer tights with black seam seem to be in vogue seeing that they have been adorned by a number of celebrities and also seen on the ramp.

Fishnet tights and ripped tights are also great during summers

They are airy, made of thin fabric and when paired up with bright colors like red or yellow, they give you a glamorous vintage look.

Bright tights are good in winters

If you want to try something vibrant but are afraid of going too overboard at the same time, bright tights are the safest option. Bright tights with a 40+ denier keep your legs perfectly warm during the cold and come in almost every color imaginable.

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