The Oscars Selection Process. How Does One Win?

The Oscars Selection Process. How Does One Win?

Did you know that the Academy Award or popularly known as the Oscar award is the oldest award ceremony for the media? My friends come over to my place every year to watch the Oscar awards. Little did we know about how the Oscar winners are selected. Let me explain the process to you – broken down bit by bit.

1. Professional membership of the Academy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has a professional honorary membership of just below 6000, made up of actors, directors, writers and others.

2. Branches of work

The members of the Academy are divided into various branches which represent their line of work like the acting branch, directing, writing, etc. Any guesses as to which branch has the highest members? The Actors! They make about 22% of the entire membership.

3. Producers submit official credits

If a producer has a film which has released in the previous calendar year, they must submit the Official Screen Credits to the academy before a certain deadline in order to qualify. For all you die hard movie buffs, here is some techie trivia for you – a film is eligible for nomination only if it is ‘a minimum 40 minutes in length, must be on either 35mm or 75mm print or in 24fps or 48fps progressive scan digital cinema format with resolution not less than 1280×780’

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