5 The Most Amazing Mocktail Recipes for this Season

5 The Most Amazing Mocktail Recipes for this Season

The festive season is here again with some sparkling celebrations on card. Thanks to the guests, parties, events, feast, you are going to get busy very soon. When cocktails and other drinks are lined up for the majority, there needs to be something special for the teetotalers as well. Forget the normal fruit juices or ice teas, and make some exotic mocktails and serve with pride. Check out 5 most amazing mocktail recipes for this season.

1. Capucine

If you’re looking for something lip-smacking that which can give you the buzz sans the alcohol, then Capucine is the right choice for you. It is just perfect for a festive occasion and can turn an instant hit among the crowd. All you have to do is to shake one part peppermint cordial and four parts fresh cream, strain it and add crushed ice to it. Add grated plain chocolate on top. For a sweet sipping experience, dip the glass rim in some juice and then in powdered sugar.

2. Melon Magic

Up for some melon magic this Christmas season? Then, here is a great recipe that can cool your mind and body. You need a few cups of watermelon, lime juice, unsweetened apricot nectar and honey for the mocktail. Combine all the ingredients in a blender and serve it with fresh ice. You can also use lime slices for garnishing.

3. Icy Red Berry

Christmas cannot be complete without this red and sparkling mocktail. The yummy and delicious drink is made of strawberries, cranberries and lemonade. Just blend the berries until smooth and add some ice cubes to it. You can top the drink with lemonade. This easy mocktail is a hot favorite among women.

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