The Advantages of Airbrush Makeup

The Advantages of Airbrush Makeup

What is an airbrush makeup ?

Normally we apply makeup on our skin using various things like fingers, brushes or sponge. But instead of doing this, if we spray the makeup on our skin then this is known as airbrush makeup. It was first used in a film called Ben Hur in 1925. In this film, all the makeup artists used this technique of airbrush makeup to spray or apply it to a large unit or cast. Today this technique is very common in the entertainment industry. It is very popular in theaters, films and sunless tanning industries. However, airbrush makeup can also be used for personal cosmetic use and can easily be used by women at home. Airbrushes designed for personal home use are smaller in size with low working pressures than the ones used for industrial applications.

Uses or Advantages

Since the concept of high definition television and videos has been introduced, the airbrush makeup has gained tremendous popularity. When the traditional old powder or liquid makeup was used, it settled down on the skin and was visible in the form of pores and wrinkles, especially on an HD film. This possibility is ruled out with the use of airbrush makeup.

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