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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Sandra Bullock

It was on Wednesday, 22 April 2015, when Sandra Bullock was adjudged as the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2015’ by People Magazine. “That’s ridiculous”, she said after hearing the big surprise. Not many...

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14 Famous People Born in July

When it comes to July, you just can’t stop keeping a count of the talented and successful stars born in this month. Here are 14 famous people born in the month of July.

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7 Best Celebrity Single Moms

Have you ever wondered how do they do it? Being a single mother, even if you are a Hollywood celebrity, is no child’s play. The lives of Hollywood single mothers are very hectic given...

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10 Sandra Bullock Quotes for You

Sandra Bullock is known as an actor and producer. She is listed in the 2012 edition of the Guinness Book Of World Records as the highest-paid actress, with $56 million. Here are some of...

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5 Comedy Movies That Will Put You to Sleep

Comedies are perfect movies for anyone and everyone. Some comedies are memorable and leave you in splits. Others just leave you at the credits wondering whether you’ve just been robbed. Here is a selection...

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5 Upsetting Stories of Celebrity Breakups

Did you think that Hollywood was all about glamorous relationships between beautiful actresses and handsome hunks? If you do, read this list of 5 upsetting celebrity breakups and you will definitely change your mind.

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5 Totally Unexpected Celebrity Breakups

Unfortunate but true, all relationships pass through a very difficult test when holding on to each other seems impossible. While there are few who still manage to hang on to the ones they love,...

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8 Celebrities Who Love Dogs

Dogs are very much an integral part of many families around America. So is the same for our Hollywood celebrities. From Paris Hilton to Will Smith, we’ve got a bunch of celebrities who have...

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9 Reasons Why Leo Women Are Divas

They are called the Queen of the Zodiac, and truly they are Queens! This article is especially dedicated to all our Leo readers. You women are special. And we mean it from the bottom...