6 Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

6 Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Just like human beings, dogs do feel separation anxiety. They express their feelings in many ways. We give you some of the symptoms that suggest that your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety.

1. Urination and defecation

If a dog is suffering from separation anxiety, he will have bowel movements or will urinate when you are not in the house. The normal behavior would be for the dog to defecate or urinate in front of his guardian. If you find him doing it only after you are gone, then this is a sign of separation anxiety.

2. Coprophagia

Separation anxiety in dogs occurs when they are extremely terrified of their guardian’s possible departure. Some dogs tend to defecate and consume some or all of their excrement when they are left alone or away from their guardians. If your dog is facing separation anxiety, he would probably not display this behavior when you are around.

3. Destructive digging and chewing

When being troubled by separation anxiety, some dogs resort to extreme chewing and digging when left alone. In an attempt to escape from the confinement, they may scratch all windows and doors, or destroy household objects. Such a behavior can be injurious to the dog as he may have damaged nails, a broken teeth, or cut and scraped paws. In case of separation anxiety, the dog would only display such behavior in your absence.

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