4 Surprising Sources of Transfat

4 Surprising Sources of Transfat

Trans fat is bad for your heart and can give you other health complications, but many times we end up eating a lot of food without realizing that they contain a lot of trans fat. Trans fats can raise your bad cholesterol almost like saturated fats do. They also cause and increase inflammation and bring down the good cholesterol that protects us against heart disease. Some of the worst offenders are the ready made processed foods. Stores and supermarkets stock them as they last longer. They also taste better making it hard for us to break the habit. Here are some surprising sources of Trans fat.

1. Instant cake mixes

Sure it is easy to buy a cake mix and bake a cake instead of starting it from scratch, but the cake mixes have a lot of trans fat and can be really bad for your health if you use them too often. It’s best to make your cake from scratch even if it means you will spend a lot of time making it.

2. French fries

They are delicious and are definitely addictive that you can hardly stop with eating just one. But the truth is that a lot of places fry them with hydrogenated oils that come with a lot of trans fat. This can clog your arteries and can also make you likely candidates for a heart attack.

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