4 Surprise Gifts to Give Your Kids for Christmas

4 Surprise Gifts to Give Your Kids for Christmas

Everyone loves gifts and Christmas is a time just like Birthdays when giving a gift to your kid becomes mandatory. Giving a gift an especially a gifting something that can actually surprise them is a difficult task given the fact that the market keeps getting flooded with a new toy or a new gadget every week. Especially if you have teenagers, it can be a pretty daunting task to surprise them, forget impressing them. To surprise your kid, you need to keep track of what they have and what they are looking forward to get. You should not make too obvious an effort to know what they want for they will guess that you are up to something and your gift will not be a surprise anymore. You may also create a lot of suspense and anticipation only to disappoint them. So tread carefully when you are planning a surprise gift for your kid this Christmas. Here are a few ideas.

1. Gift the new iPhone

If your kid has the older version of the iPhone and is looking to upgrade it, then get your kid the latest iPhone. Also make sure if your kid has a color preference for the iPhone cover. The covers are in as much rage as the phones themselves. If you are someone who does not really condone the use of mobile phones, this would definitely be a surprise gift for your kid this Christmas.

2. Get a pony or riding lessons

Most girls dream of owning a pony. If you can afford one, then get a new pony for your kid and also arrange for riding lessons. If you cannot afford a pony or do not have enough space, you can put your kid in a riding school where he or she can get riding lessons and also get to pick a horse of their own.

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