7 Surefire Tips to Attract Guys Instantly

7 Surefire Tips to Attract Guys Instantly

Some girls just seem to have the knack of attracting guys. Do you envy them? Well, you shouldn’t. Instead, check out these tips to attract guys instantly and become an expert at dating.

1. Dress to impress

When you come across a guy, it is your dress that he’d notice first. Your attire defines your personality. Hence, it is extremely important that you wear something that suits your persona.

2. Use your eyes to express yourself

Use the beauty of your eyes to your advantage. The charisma of your eyes can easily get you a guy’s scrutiny. Try to make them as expressive as you can. Eyes can talk more than words and such expressive eyes attract guys. So, look after your eyes properly. Enhance the beauty of your eyes with a trendy eye makeup.

3. Work on that pretty pout

Wear a good lip gloss. Let your lips spread out their charm. Seductive lips movements and expressions fascinate guys. Hence, you have to be quite particular about lipstick shades. Matching lipstick colors enhance the charm of your lips.

4. Enhance your cheeks

Make your cheeks look adorable. Rosy, chubby cheeks are truly tempting for guys. Make a lavish use of foundation and blush to give them an enticing look.

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