6 Super Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

6 Super Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

You have heard about IQ or intelligence quotient and have a roughly fair idea what it is all about. While IQ is all about intelligence and the agility of the brain, EQ or emotional intelligence is all about emotions and one’s ability to control and manage them to one’s own benefits and development. A sound EQ will equip you with apt people skills, communications skills, personnel management and make you smart as far as your personal and professional relationships are concerned as well. Listed below are 6 super ways to improve your emotional intelligence or EQ.

1. Avoid unwanted stress

The most important aspect of a strong EQ is the ability to not give in to or not become overcome by one’s emotions. You are swept with emotions you have no control over when your body and mind are vulnerable and prone to breakdown. This happens when you are stressed out. You will find things go horribly wrong when you are stressed about something, trying very hard to reach a deadline or thinking about something too much. While work related stress is good to the extent that it yields efficient and quality work from you, too much stress could take a toll on your physical and mental health. You will find that most of the stresses we deal with are self imposed because we think too much about things which either do not matter or do not make any difference whatsoever. Try your best to avoid any kind of unwanted stress and you will have better control over your emotions.

2. Take decisions conscientiously

Decision making is an unavoidable aspect of living life as human beings. We take decisions all the while and almost at every moment. While you cannot control the micro-decisions you are making consciously and subconsciously every second, there are some major decisions into which you put much thought and deliberation. Be conscientious and meticulous while taking such important decisions because they make the person that you are and would become. Do not be impulsive and regret later; instead, be careful and do not allow your emotions control you, rather you control your emotions and the decisions you take would turn out to be fruitful.

3. Be attentive and aware of yourself

An important aspect of having strong EQ is to be aware of your own self. We all pursue the meaning of life throughout, but the true meaning of life and all answers to its questions lie within ourselves if only we take the time to peek and seek them. Be attentive about your body and inner self and stay alert. This will give you insight as to what kind of a person you are and how you react to different situations. Self-awareness will undoubtedly improve your EQ as you will easily be able to control your emotions.

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