10 Super Interesting Facts about the Romance of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

10 Super Interesting Facts about the Romance of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The famous Twilight series co-stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, were always going on and off with their relationship status. While the whole world idolized their on-screen and off-screen chemistry, it turns out there was a lot going on in their personal lives, which was probably getting a little hard for both of them to deal with. Here are some interesting facts about their romance, their good times and their bad moments.

1. There was a rumor once that it was Robert who had proposed to Kristen multiple times. However, in an interview to GQ in April 2009, he had admitted that he was to be blamed for that early rumor. He had apparently jokingly said in an interview that he proposed multiple times, and that was published almost instantly.

2. It was around April 2014 that Kristen turned really clingy and needy. There were reports that Rob was denying her requests to hang out together, and a source had said that if he did hang out with her, he would be giving her wrong signals.

3. In 2008, Kristen had told Vanity Fair that she was somehow responsible for casting Pattinson in ‘Twilight’. She said that there were a bunch of guys who had come there, and when the director asked for her opinion stating that it was confusing, Stewart had instead said that it was ‘obvious’ whom they should cast. She thought Pattinson would do a perfect job!

4. The famous ‘Robsten’ relationship went under trouble in 2012 when Kristen was found cheating with director Rupert Sanders. However, sources close to the couple had revealed that they always had an agreement to be in an open relationship, so nobody understood why Rob could have felt so bad about the cheating bit.

5. When Kristen was busy shooting for ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’, Rob had flown to her in his free time, especially to spend some time with her. Nobody probably knew that time that she would eventually be hooking up with the director of that film!

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