10 Super Interesting Facts About Prince George, the Future King of England

Super Interesting Facts About Prince George, the Future King of England

Prince George is the third successor to the throne of England after his father and grandfather. Queen Elizabeth II is his great grandmother. His full name is George Alexander Louis, and he was born on July 22, 2013. The future king of England, son of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is the only grandson of Charles and Diana, the Prince and Princess of Wales respectively. Listed here are 10 super interesting facts about him.

1. The christening of Prince George was held in the Chapel Royal in St. James’ Palace as a mark of respect and to commemorate Princess Diana. Prior to her funeral, her body was kept here for visitation.

2. The Chapel Royal in St. James’ Palace is witness to not one but many historic moments for the royal family. It was built in 1540 by King Henry VIII and was then decorated for his marriage. Queen Elizabeth I prayed here for the protection and safety of England from the Spanish Armada. This is where Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. This is also where King Charles I received his Holy Communion prior to his execution in 1649.

3. After his christening, Prince George was baptized using holy water from River Jordan which was held in the silver gilt lily font – the same water has been used to baptize all members of the royal family since 1841.

4. During his anointment, Prince George cried three times at which his grandmother, the Queen, commented that “he would be a good speech maker.”

5. On the day of his christening and baptism, that is October 23, 2013, Prince George was exactly 93 days old. Prince William, Prince Charles and the Queen were 44 days, 30 days and 38 days old on their respective christenings.

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