11 Super Facts About Rihanna You did not Know

Super Facts About Rihanna You did not Know

Do you know everything about the singing superstar Rihanna? She has been quite successful in her singing career. She is a role model for all the aspiring young singers. Well, let us quickly take a look at some super facts about Rihanna.

1. Rihanna began her singing career at a very early age. She began singing at the age of seven, though she was inclined towards music since her childhood days. Rihanna had a natural flair for music since childhood.

2. Rihanna has seen her struggling days as well. She used to sell clothes at a street stall with her father when she was small. That is the reason she has that humility even now. She never hesitates to help anyone in her life.

3. 2008 was the best birthday for Rihanna. It was that year, her homeland Barbados officially declared Rihanna day. She thanked everyone and felt overwhelmed by this gesture. She had admitted that it was her best birthday.

4. Do you know that Rihanna was also named as the most influential person of all time? This coveted title was given by The Times Magazine. In fact, she has also endorsed a popular brand like Gucci.

5. Six is her lucky number. She has had six successful albums which became all time hit. She won six Grammy titles. So, six is definitely a lucky number for her. Though, not officially but it is a good luck charm.

6. She also has a soft side to her personality. She established a charity foundation called as Believe in the year 2006. The foundation caters the needs of underprivileged children and terminally ill children.

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