10 Super Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Christmas Tree


Christmas is one festival that makes the whole family come together. In our otherwise busy and mundane lives, Christmas brings the much needed break and cheer. Family and friends not just get together but also make merry. The whole month becomes festive. The spirit of Christmas literally spares nobody!

Amidst all the Christmas madness, there is always the ritual of setting up the Christmas tree. Every year we all indulge in purchasing the best ornaments for the tree. But if you want to make your tree look the best, and different from that of your friends, then here are a few creative ideas to decorate your Christmas tree that will make it a head-turner object of your house.

1. Collect Ornaments throughout the year

Each and every member of the family should collect little trinkets from the places they visit around the year. These things should be converted into ornaments for the tree. They can make Christmas a nice occasion to think about the year gone by, and will also make your Christmas tree different from everyone else’s. Also it will make the tree highly personalized and will involve all your friends and family members in this process.

2. Edible Ornaments

If the tree is not to be setup for a longer period of time then it can be decorated with edible ornaments, which can be consumed on the day of Christmas by the whole family. The edible ornaments could be things ranging from cookies, candies, chocolates, to mini burgers and other things. You can really come up with creative ideas in attempting this. You could use star shaped candies or cookies. This one will make everyone wait for Christmas even more, especially the kids in the house!

3. Experiment with colours

So when one thinks of Christmas, there are two prominent colors that come to one’s mind, which are green and red. However, you could experiment with other colours too. Some would go for a rainbow theme and have ornaments that bring out the multi-coloured theme well. You could also attempt a gold and green tree. Or you could also make a patriotic tree with colours of your country’s flag on it. And some people keep it simply elegant with just silver ornaments.

4. Hollywood themed tree

You could opt for a Hollywood themed tree with little ornaments, which are of famous Hollywood stars, such as their pictures or signature props etc. You could also hang stars with names of your favorite Hollywood celebrities. Also, you can get mini Academy Awards ornaments to hang on it! Little banners with famous dialogues could go across the tree, and you could make it even livelier by placing mini spotlights near the tree to give it a theatrical effect.

5. Deck it up with just lights

One could assimilate different kinds of lights to go with the tree and add no more elements. It could be a mix of LED lights or other twinkling lights. You could also play with candles. Mini lamp shades in various colors can be added. There are lights which go on and off with music beats. Those could be placed on the tree and can be coordinated with festive music. You need to go to the market and see what kinds of different lights are available and use them creatively. For the ultimate twinkling tree, you could dress each branch with white lights or yellow lights. It is one hell of a process, but the result is quite worth it! This kind of a tree will be visually spectacular.

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