5 Stories You Should Read To Your Kid

4. The Fox And The Grapes

People tend of despise things they cannot achieve. It is a summer afternoon and he is very thirsty. He finds a a bunch of grapes hanging on a vine, way beyond his reach. He runs and jumps and jumps higher but doesn’t get the grapes. He finally gives up on them and tells that the grapes are sour and that he is wasting his time behind them and then he walks away.

5. The Lion And The Mouse

Never underestimate anyone in your life because you never know how one can be helpful to you. One day, a mouse does some tricks on a sleeping lion which wakes him up and makes him very angry. As a punishment, the loin tells that he will eat him up, but the mouse requests him to leave and that he will surely repay him one day. A few days afterwards, the lion is caught in a net, the mouse hears him and tears off the net with his teach, saving the lion. After that day, the lion and the mouse become best of friends.

Weren’t the stories amazing? They teach the most important lessons of life.

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