5 Stories You Should Read To Your Kid

5 Stories You Should Read To Your Kid

It is a known fact, that stories are a fun way to interact with children and make their imagination flourish. Whether you tell them the story or read it from any book or device, it enhances their future reading abilities. No matter what is the age of your child, whether a new born or preschooler, stories are a must.

Here are 5 stories you should read to your child

1. Hare And The Tortoise

This classic story, prepares children for adult life. The story is of two animals- the hare and the tortoise who decide to compete against each other in a race. The Hare is over confident and thinks that the Tortoise will lose against him seeing his slow speed. But in the end, it is the Tortoise who wins the race as the Hare takes his win too lightly and goes off to sleep in the middle of the race. The moral of the story is – you must never underestimate anybody’s ability and slow and steady wins the race.

2. The Fox And The Crow

Don’t get fooled by false compliments. The story is of a cunning fox and a foolish crow in which the crow finds a piece of cheese. On seeing this, the fox is tempted by the delicious piece of cheese and wants to it. An idea strikes his mind and he he goes to the crow you is now sitting on a branch of a tree. He tells the crow that he loves his voice and would love if he sings for him. Flattered by this compliment, the crow opens his mouth and starts singing. But as soon as he does so, the piece of cheese falls down on the ground and the fox happily picks it up. The fox tells the crow that never trust a flatterer and walks away with the cheese.

3. The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs

Never get greedy, things will come to you if you keep patience. The story is of a man and his wife who own a goose who lays one golden egg daily. This makes them rich very soon. They become greedy and decide to cut the goose and get all her golden eggs at once. The goose turns out like any other goose and has no golden eggs inside her, and this kills the goose.

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