10 Steps to Do a Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Steps to Do a Hot Oil Hair Treatment

A hot oil treatment not only relaxes you, but also cleans your hair and removes any dirt in it. It also opens up the pores on your scalp that prevent your hair from growing well and also causes hair loss. Hot oil hair treatment is also a great remedy for dandruff. You do not have to go to a salon or a spa to get an expensive hot oil hair treatment. You can do it yourself at home. Doing it at home has a lot of benefits as you can be sure of the cleanliness of the towels, the quality of the oil and the time. Here are the steps you should do at home before you give yourself a Hot Oil Hair treatment.

1. Wash your hair well a day before you start the treatment and if you go out cover your scalp and hair.

To start a hot oil hair treatment, you need to have a clean scalp. Wash it a day earlier and make sure you do not get it all dirtied up again.

2. Choose the right oil

You can pick the oil of your choice and the oil you are comfortable with. Olive oil, Coconut oil and almond oil are good choices as they make the hair shiny and smooth and also help prevent dandruff.

3. Mix the oil with honey

Take a few tablespoons of honey, proportionate to the oil and mix both well. Then honey makes it easier for you to apply the oil in your hair. Make sure that the honey dissolves in the oil

4. Pout the mix into a bowl and place it inside a microwave container

Choose a container that is at least two times bigger than the mix as you do not want the mix to spill when you are stirring it and placing it inside a microwave.

5. Microwave it till you hear a crackling sound

DO not keep the microwave on high as you don’t want to oil to get burnt. Wait near the microwave so you can hear the crackling sound when the oil is ready.

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