7 Steps To A Flat Tummy In 30 Days

5. Replace high cal foods

Diet plays the most important role in losing weight. So, you must pay heed to your diet plan. Replace high cal foods with low cal foods that are available. Like, low cal yogurt or low fat cheese or milk. Have everything in moderate quantity to lose weight in your tummy area. Your focus should be eating right so that you don’t gain weight.

6. Do cardio workouts

Well, if you hit the gym on a regular basis, then your focus should be on cardio workouts. Cardio workouts work on abs of the body. It will help you to lose excess weight around your tummy area. Try to do cardio workouts at least five times in a week for that quick weight loss around your tummy. It helps to burn the fat.

7. Do Yoga poses

There are many yoga asanas that can help you with weight loss. Practice those asanas on a daily basis. Vinyasa asana and planks can help to lose weight in the right way. Start with basics of pranayam. Then practice two to three such asanas. You must do this on a regular basis to lose weight. This will help to cut the fat in the right area. Also, walk for about thirty minutes to lose weight in thirty days.

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