5 Steps on How to Not Let Criticism Affect You

Steps on How to Not Let Criticism Affect you

You may have been in one of those situations where you must have poured your heart and soul into a cuisine you cooked, or maybe created a piece of art, but when you presented it, you heard no good things about it. In life, there would be many who would criticize you, even if you didn’t ask for it. Some of the criticism would be genuine, some would be crap. To be able to deal with bad criticism, here’s what you need to do.

1. Let it out

When criticism puts you in a foul mood, call up a trusted friend and crib about it to your heart’s desire. Let it all out, no matter how vicious you get, you are only venting in front of someone you trust. This exercise will leave you feeling content, and you will then be able to think clearly.

2. Separate the wheat from the chaff

Identify if the criticism is genuine or just plan blah! Think whether the criticism is born out of envy or just depression or is it really something that could be true. Doing this is hard because this involves getting over the bias that each of us has intrinsically. So try and get rid of all the judgment and really think if the criticism was genuine.

3. Action

Now that you know what criticism is actually genuine, you have two options; either you can cry and be a baby about it, take it to your heart and swear revenge on the one who criticized you making your life miserable, or accept it and use it to move on.

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