Songs To Listen To When You Are In Love

Songs To Listen To When You Are In Love

So, Cupid’s arrow has finally hit you? Congratulations! It is now time for you to make the most of this wonderful feeling. Music is probably the best thing that you could indulge in when you are in love. Clueless about the best romantic songs? Check out these lovely romantic songs that you can listen to while thinking of those lovey-dovey moments. Add them to your list of favorites and experience the feeling called ‘love’ over and over again.

“Written in the Stars” by Westlife

“Stay with me, don’t fall asleep too soon”, this is how this wonderful song begins. It is one of the best songs from ‘Unbreakable – The Greatest Hits Volume 1’. It speaks about destiny and soul mates. It says that no matter what happens in life, you and your partner will always be together because your destiny is twinned together in the stars. You can be sure of having goosebumps while listening to this number.

“Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden

“Truly Madly Deeply” is a chartbuster hit by Savage Garden. This song talks about relishing nature’s gifts like the sky, the mountains and the sea with your loved one. It is a lovely song to listen to in the presence of your sweetheart. The words are simply magical. Listening to this song will take you to a completely different world.

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating, with his superb voice, tells you through this song that you should never forgo any chance of expressing your love to your loved ones. Life is very uncertain, so you never know what would happen the next day. If your love knows about your feelings, you will never have to regret that you missed a chance. Beautiful music coupled with meaningful lyrics, this song is a perfect one to be dedicated to your loved one! It will surely make him feel very special.

“Hero” by Enrique Iglesias

Released in the year 2001, Hero is one of the most wonderful songs that you will ever come across. The storyline that follows the song is of a man asking his lady love, if she would love him just the way she did, forever. He also promises to be her hero and always protect her, not letting any harm come close to her. Close your eyes while listening to this song and you will surely see the image of your ‘hero’! Enjoy the feeling.

“Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is one of the most loved singers of all time. No one else can bring the magic that he brings through his songs. “Everything I do” is a classic romantic song where a lover confesses that everything he does is only and only meant for his lady love. Listen to this song and you’ll get to know a new definition of love.

“When You Say Nothing At All” by Ronan Keating

This song shows the level of understanding between two lovers. The bond they share is so strong that they can understand each other even without the other person saying a word. It shows the power that true love has in life. Unlike other songs, this song focuses more on friendship than love.

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