5 Skin Care Tips Before and After Workouts

5 Skin Care Tips Before and After Workouts

Pampering your skin is an essential activity and must be considered as important as your daily workout. There are many ways through which you can relax, prevent skin problems and also help skin rejuvenation. Cleansing and pampering of skin should extend to use of skin products and food and water intake. Here are 5 tips to pamper your skin before and after a workout.

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly before and after workout

When you go for a workout after work or a long commute, the dust particles tend to settle on your skin. The perspiration during the workout causes them to sink deeper resulting in black heads, blocked pores and pimples. Hence, you must wash your face with a face wash when you return from outside. Post workout cleansing is also essential as it prevents pimples and blackheads.

2. Scrub your body with sea salt scrubs

If you are losing weight with regular workout, a skin pampering regime should also include toning. Using sea salt body scrubs would help tighten the skin after weight loss. It increases the blood flow and makes the skin tight and toned. After workout, it gives you a relaxing experience.

3. Make sure you use a SPF sunscreen

Morning or day workouts would result in exposure to heat and sunlight. You will remain fit and slim but you don’t want damaged or sunburnt skin. Always use a sunscreen before you head out for your day workout. Sunscreen with zinc will help control pigmentation and inflammation.

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