Single Child Blues? Find Out How You Can Keep The Loneliness At Bay

Adam and his wife Zacky were completely frustrated with what their son Zeus, 7 was facing. ‘Mommy, why can’t I have a younger brother or sister? I hate being alone’. Imagine how heart wrenching that would be for the parents. Adam finally said to his wife, ‘Zacky, we’ve got to do something about this. I have a few ideas.’ Do you want to know what Adam did?

First, Adam made a list of Zeus’ classmates who were like-minded and invited them all over for a picnic. Zacky and he drove them to a beautiful beach side, played ball with them all evening. Not only did the parents started knowing about the background of each child, Zeus also ended up getting new friends.

Zacky had another great idea, a few days later. She signed Zeus up for art class outside of school. She knew he loved art. The real reason though, was that Zeus would find other like-minded kids as company. And that’s exactly what happened! Zeus made three new friends in art class and now they meet every other day to paint together.

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