5 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Tree

5 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Tree

Christmas is hardly a few weeks away and we’re all set on planning as how to decorate our Christmas tree this year. While some of you may go for some extravagant design, others may want something more simple and subtle. The choice would obviously depend on your budget as well as what would look good with the surrounding decor of your home. So for those of you who want to keep it simple this year, here are a few ideas that you may find helpful.

1. Get the tree

First and foremost, obviously you will have to get a tree. That could be an artificial or a real one, depending on your choice. If you’re going for a real tree, make sure that you trim it well. Don’t go way too far in this step or you may destroy the shape of the tree. You would usually not have to worry about that with artificial ones.

2. Decide on the theme

This will usually be determined based on your home decor. You will have to see for yourself as to what colors would match the rest of the room. If you’re unsure, take suggestions from your friends or family. Usually, the colors red, blue, silver and gold go well with Christmas.

3. Purchase decorating items

You may already have decorations from previous year, or you may want to get new ones. Anyways, what you want to look for is items that match your theme. Apart from the usual lights, stars, you could get some ribbons and garlands made of beads. These will help in adding an elegance to your tree.

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