4 Silly Skin Care Myths

Silly Skin Care Myths

There is so much information about everything everywhere these days that it is often difficult to find the difference between myth and the facts. You may be following a different and faulty beauty regimen for your skin based on myth. This will not only damage your skin but will leave you sorely disappointed when you do not get the desired results. Knowing some of the facts about skin car is very important as you need to take good care of it and also because the skin is a reflection of your overall health. Beautiful skin also makes a beautiful you. Here are some silly skin care myths that have been perpetuated over the years.

1. Anti-wrinkle creams should be used when you hit 25

There is a myth floating around that says most of you wrinkles are forms by the time you are 25. This is more a marketing ploy to sell more anti-wrinkle creams and you can easily wait for a few more years before you start applying those creams. It is only till your late twenties that you can breathe free without having too much to worry about wrinkles, so do not fall into this trap and start applying lots of cream on your face.

2. High Spf is good for your skin

This is another myth that has been doing the rounds. A sunscreen with 30-45 Spf is more than enough for any skin type. It is wrong that sunscreen lotions with a higher Spf give you better protection. What really protects your skin is the regular application of sunscreen when you are out in the sun for long. And a sunscreen lotion with a Spf of 15 or 30 is good enough to do the job.

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