5 Silly Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets

5 Silly Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets

Halloween isn’t just a festival for the kids, but it is for the entire family. And with entire family, we don’t just mean the adults, but also our adorable and beloved pets. So how do you include your pets in your Halloween celebration? Of course, with costumes. With a little bit of creativity involved, you can really make your pet as the most popular pet in the neighborhood with an awesome costume. So, here are the best 5 silly yet amazing looking costume ideas for your pets.

1. Panda pup

This one is definitely the best choice for people who’ve got a pug. Your dog is already adorable, but dressing it in a black and white spongy disguise with some ear caps like that of a panda will definitely get him to steal a lot of attention.

2. Rider dog

Another perfect costume for the slightly taller dogs. All you’ll need is a small saddle on the back of your dog and tie it with his belt from the front and also around his body with another belt so that the saddle does not roll off. Then put a small jokey toy on his back, and he’s all set to run the race.

3. Prison break

For this one, you’ll need a white dog jacket with vertical black stripes like that of prisoners. To add on, a small black and white hat and your crime master is ready.

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