5 Signs You’re not Being Yourself

Signs You're not Being Yourself

Being your true self is a wonderful feeling and it needs immense courage to be so. Though it may sound absurd that we need the nerve to be ourselves, unfortunately that is the truth. There are people who never change their true self despite the situation, as they are not scared of criticism. They are happy and more at peace. Most of the time, we betray our true self for someone else’s happiness or favor. It is also true that we live in a world that is eager to judge us. Hence, knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to change ourselves according to the flow. There are several times in life when we are not our natural happy selves. Sometimes, we tend to behave so for some reason. Whatever it be, the act shouldn’t continue for long. You must check the signs and get back to your true self as soon as possible. Check out 5 signs you’re not being yourself.

1. You compliment someone when you don’t mean it

Sometimes you shower compliments on people just to be in their good books. You might be fully aware that the compliment is least deserved, but you do it as others have done it. It helps to hold your compliments until you find something that truly deserves your praises. Be true to what you like and dislike.

2. You resort to lies to please others

This is one common thing most of us do in life; telling lies to please others. It is best to stick to the truth or maintain silence instead. Very often one lie leads to another, and very soon a web of lies is created and then it becomes difficult to keep things straight. So if your truth displeases the other initially, let it be. You will feel happy that you are being genuine.

3. You try to look happy when you are not

It never helps to hide your true emotions. Sooner or later, they reveal themselves. Also, vibes reach people faster than words. So if you are miserable and you are trying to act happy, it won’t last for long. Sooner or later, the mask will fall off and your true emotions will be exposed. A better way is to be with people and in surroundings that make you feel happy and positive.

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