3 Signs Your Relationship is About to Fail

3 Signs Your Relationship is About to Fail

You may have had a foreboding about your relationship for some time now, yet both partners are sticking to the status quo – albeit unhappily. And then it does go bad just like you predicted – but that doesn’t make it easier to deal with. Or maybe you ignored all the unsavory aspects and persisted in believing your partner to be the perfect mate – until it ended suddenly and left you devastated. Whether you are one to practically appraise the healthiness of your relationship, or one to overly romanticize it, here are some warning signs that you should probably begin to notice. This will help you transition out of couplehood into singlehood, because the worst is coming and you should be prepared. Check out these signs that tell your relationship is about to fail.

1. He is always criticizing you

Constant criticism from a partner is not normal. Getting into fights or having heated arguments may be common. But this kind of criticism, where you can’t have a normal conversation without putting the other person down, or pointing out their flaws is not normal. Pay attention to the type of criticism in general-jabs at your personality traits or your life and career choices demonstrate a basic incompatibility of values. Of course, you might be the one who is doing the criticizing, in which case you need to catch yourself and evaluate why you feel this way about your partner.

2. He is always defensive

Does your significant other always play the “innocent victim” when you raise any issue? Such behavior on their part may make you feel like you are nagging them and making a big deal about nothing. Again, you need to pay close attention to how they react to even normal discussions. You have every right to ask where they went last night, or to express a concern. Now observe – does he become defensive even before offering an explanation? If your partner thinks that it is better to act innocent than to explain himself, you might need to move on and find someone who values you more.

3. He zones out when you talk to him

This is a very obvious sign that you can easily notice. Are you always the one talking? Does your partner ever engage you in earnest conversation? Remember that you don’t need a relationship to talk at someone. A relationship is much more than that, and requires both emotional and physical connection. If the emotional connection is lacking, you are bound to end up disappointed sooner or later.

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