17 Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Is there any passion left in your marriage? Do you have the same feelings for your spouse as you had earlier? Do you communicate in the same way with your spouse as you used do earlier? Ask yourself these questions before it is too late. Listed below are some signs your marriage is over.

1. Personal attacks

Constant abuse and personal attack means there is no respect left in marriage. When there is no respect and love, there is no meaning to marriage.

2. Physical frustration

Physical relationship does play an important role in marriage. A frustrating and forceful physical relationship signals the end of marriage.

3. No compromise

The success of a marriage depends on compromise and adjustments. When these two things are missing, it may lead to problems.

4. Arguments

When a couple keeps on arguing without any reason, it is an alert signaling the end of the relationship. Arguing without reason ends love and respect in marriage.

5. Self-centered needs

Thinking about yourself first could lead to problems. Marriage is all about “we.” If your or your partner’s needs are turning self-centered, your marriage is about to collapse.

6. Dominating nature

Dominating nature means one of the person likes to keep an upper hand. This kills the love and mutual respect in marriage over time.

7. No communication

Marriage cannot survive without active communication. Be assured, your marriage is over if you have not communicated with your spouse since days.

8. Ego

When ego creeps in a marriage relationship, love goes out. If neither you nor your partner is ready to compromise thanks to conflicting egos, it shows that the end to your marriage is close by.

9. Infidelity

No one can tolerate cheating and infidelity in marriage. If this happens, then your marriage is over.

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