5 Signs You Have a Calcium Deficiency

5 Signs You Have a Calcium Deficiency

When your body is deficient in something, it will let you know about it in a lot of ways. When you have a calcium deficiency, you will start getting symptoms that let you know that you are going low on calcium and that you need to replenish it. It is a very important nutrient and is especially important for women and children as it helps with bone growth and density. It is not only important for your bones but it also helps to keep your teeth healthy and strong, helps promote regular heartbeat, helps nerve impulses carry through correctly and also helps blood clot properly. Here are some signs and symptoms that let you know that you have a calcium deficiency.

1. Muscle aches and cramps

If the muscles in your legs start aching and you develop cramps especially in the night, it could be early signs of calcium deficiency. You can have a warm glass of milk or take calcium supplements after consultation with your doctor to get some calcium in your body and get rid of the symptoms.

2. Yellow teeth, brittle nails and hair

If your nails break easily and your hair remains dry and weak in spite of treatments, you should start worrying about a calcium deficiency. Teeth are also affected by a deficiency in calcium and they become yellow and brittle too. Choose a a diet that is high in calcium and stick to it until you get your calcium levels in order.

3. Increase in PMS symptoms

A calcium deficiency affects women more than it affects men. When a woman has a calcium deficiency, there will be a lot of changes in her pre-menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms. There will be a lot more stomach cramps and muscle aches than normal. A calcium rich diet will take care of this problem.

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