8 Signs You are Slowly but Surely Falling in Love

Signs You are Slowly but Surely Falling in Love

Love is a beautiful feeling. Falling in love with someone is the best thing that can happen in life. Love is as pure as the soul. It takes the center stage, the most important role. Are you in love with someone? Or, are you falling in love with someone? Do you wish to know? Check out some signs you are slowly but surely falling in love.

1. You are conscious of your looks

Falling in love will make you conscious of your looks. You would want to look good all the time for that special someone in your life. You would want to make him realize that you dress up for him. Actually, you will do your best to look good, because you would want to hear that one compliment from him. It will make you feel special. If that is the case, then you are falling in love.

2. You constantly think about him

Do you keep thinking about him 24/7? Do you imagine him in everything you do? Looks like, you are already in love. When you are in love, you want to spend your whole time with that person. You also imagine the person with you. It is like you do not want to miss his sweet company.

3. Your body language changes when you are with him

When you are in love, you feel nervous in front of him. You tend to get fidgety. When he is in front of you, your heart will beat faster. This is a classic sign of falling in love. Guess that is why heart is always associated with the power of love, because it plays the most important role.

4. You have become moody

You become moody when you are in love. You will feel happy at times and suddenly, you feel sad for no reason as such. Your happiness will also depend on the situations around. If he talks to you, you will be happy. If he does not, you will feel gloomy. If you feel the same emotions, then you are in love with him.

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