5 Signs You are Right Brained Person

 Signs You are Right Brained Person

It is a known fact that whatever we do, we just not do it with our hands or other organs of our body; we essentially use our brains for anything and everything. It is the brain that sends signals and instructions to all other organs of our body to make them work accordingly. The brain is also one of the least understood organs; but, nevertheless, scientists have opined that the brain consists of two basic hemispheres—the left brain and the right brain. While the left side is the rational or logical side which we use to pay attention or to observe something, the right side is the creative and imaginative side which we employ to be creative, thoughtful, intuitive, and for visualization and multi-tasking in general. Though we all use both these parts, each one of us is either more inclined towards using the right brain or the left brain. Listed here are 5 signs that you are a right brained person.

1. You remember and recognize faces easily

Some people are very good with faces while others are not so much. If you see someone once and are able to recall, remember and recognize the same face later on, then you are a right brained person. Those who can remember faces use visualization which is an effective quality of right brained people and therefore, if recognizing people even if you have just saw or met them once before, is your thing, then you are undoubtedly right brained.

2. You are emotional and expressive

If you are generally an emotional and sensitive person, you are right brained. People who are right brained do not go by logic much. For them, logic and rationality take a backseat and emotions are more dominant. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it can go overboard. But the crux is that if you are driven more by emotions rather than reasoning, you are right brained. Right brained people are also more expressive than left brained ones.

3. You love music and paintings

If you have a penchant for music, colors and images, then you are a right brained person. Right brained persons love to dwell in colors, photographs, paintings, drawings and music. They may even love to play a musical instrument, or are great singers or painters themselves.

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